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Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Find mindfulness and movement on your mat during our 5 week prenatal workshop.

Our expectant and experienced instructor will lead you through a different theme each week that will incorporate breath work, meditation and of course FLOW.

This is a great opportunity to bond with your baby & other expectant moms while preparing your body for labor and delivery.

The practice of yoga during pregnancy is perfect way to reduce stress and prepare your mind & body for childbirth. Our specially tailored 5 week workshop is designed for your needs during pregnancy. You will not have to guess if a posture is safe, They will all be safe and beneficial . Every week there is a different theme of pregnancy that incorporates breath work, meditation & flow
Other benefits of prenatal yoga are: decrease stress and anxiety, reduction of backaches, headaches & nausea. May lower the risk of health problems like high blood pressure. Improved sleep quality during pregnancy. Building stronger and more flexible muscles that will help during labor and delivery. Provides the opportunity to practice breathing and relaxation techniques that can help throughout pregnancy. labor and delivery. This is also an excellent opportunity to connect and bond with other moms-to-be.

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